Oaktree Business Support Ltd

 Staffordshire ST7 8PL

Tel: 07926 045391

"Martyne is highly professional, articulate, technically astute, a real producer and great fun to work with. Something I appreciate enormously in the fast paced challenging world of business that we operate in." 

Owner - Club Equus

"Martyne has been fantastic with me. I’ve gone from a senior role in a company where various things were taken care of, to a situation where I have to execute everything myself. Martyne has helped to connect me with people who can help me, as well as offering tips on promoting my business, accessing finance and generally encouraging me to look to the future.”

Owner - Funky Footwear

“Martyne has been the missing piece of the jigsaw for us.We are starting up a whole new business and that’s a very daunting task to do on your own.She was very helpful in advising on direction to take."

Owner - Whitacre Hall